7.6 – 2009,

It really looks “anemic” in daily picture but that´s what correction do.

However, should still be furious c of X on the progress. 99,75-99,85 should offer one smaller EW timeframe shorting setup, but this is c wave impulse now on the progress. Subminuette market likely considering to short 98,85 in here as it´s 76,8% top since previous top, should consolidate a bit.

It was beautifull 60 min triangle breake to the upside. With weekly chart, it really does not require more explanations what´s going on with longer perspective, but after all – it is the complete market just in correcting phase.

Edit; Noticed “alternate” for this count because this most recent triangle abc movement looks so sharp. It finally leads to the same results as 105,00 road, but we might have one triangle more to work for before that happens missing “e” for triangle bottom. Which one it is should be solved out quickly. So, lowest chart is alternate for barrier triangle chart. Using a term “alternate” in here is a bit wrong term  – same result with both of them, just diffent price behaviour approach.

I vote that first chart will be the right one meaning “e” wave before the rest, but that we know very soon.