I love the Seinfeld method talked about in this article. I currently have my daughter applying this technique so that every time she does extra math each night she gets to mark an X on her calendar. The goal here is that once you have a string of X’s it’s hard to break the chain. That way she’s motivated to do math every night.

Many informative links within this article worth checking out.

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Why do we throw good money after bad? Why do we hoard junk? Why do we keep the gym membership even though we don’t go?
The answer is loss aversion, a term introduced in 1979 by?two Yale economists, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. The essence of their finding: losing ?100 affects your level of happiness much more than winning ?100. In other words, you feel losses more deeply than a gain of the same value. We hate losing what we have (or think that we have).
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