A couple of years ago, Option Sage(Gareth) and Iput up a very popular article titled “Vacation-Proof Your Portfolio.”

In it we discussed several strategies for hedging existing positions, moving them into neutral positions ahead of a time when you would be going away and not able to keep your eye on the markets. As we cashed out last week, it hasn’t been much of an issue coming into this long weekend but some of you still have long postiions that need protecting and Sage has been kind enough to provide us with access to a free on-line seminar on the subject through hiseducational platform atwww.MarketTamer.com.

I don’t recommend many services but Sage was an original member who went on towrite many of our educational posts over the years and went on to develop an on-line trading education system that is very, very good for learning stock and options trading. PSW members get a special offer of $99/month, which is 1/3 the going rate AND he will give you that $99 back if you are not satisfied after the first month! So check out the link above, there are 3 free lessons there and read through the article. If you plan on going away with positions open this summer in this crazy market – I think it will be time well spent…

Those of you who know Sage have probably already linked over but for those of you who didn’t get a chance to meet him when he was on-line with us all the time, here’s a copy of Market Tamer’s recent press release, which tells you a bit about Gareth and the company he’s been building:

Taming The Market

A shockingly simple yet amazingly powerful concept has been ignored by major hedge funds, mutual funds, and retail traders alike. On their quest to outperform the market, Wall Street’s best often get sucked into a single style of investing or trading: long only, long/short, distressed, diversified and the list goes on. They use a single approach to exploit a changing market. And often a single approach works – for a while. Bill Miller of Legg Mason was regarded as one of the stars on Wall Street until his portfolio suffered substantial losses during the crisis of 2008. Victor Niederhoffer was once acclaimed as the number one hedge fund investor in the world until his fund blew up. And in the past year countless others have…
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