Traders who are looking for a reliable trading tool to combat today’s market volatility have found it with VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Trading Software and its latest version release, 8.0.

Using neural network technology, technical analysis and intermarket analysis, VantagePoint finds hidden patterns and relationships between twenty-five related markets and the target market to analyze and forecast price movements for more than 600 world markets. Single-market methods of analysis, particularly trend-following, lagging approaches, are no longer effective in today’s turbulent, globally-interconnected markets.

The latest 8.0 version of Market Technologies’ VantagePoint Trading Software provides new options, customizability, and predictive technical indicators. VantagePoint now includes an opportunity calculator that displays the dollar value associated with the difference between prices. This feature makes calculating potential profits – and risk analysis – even easier. A new Scan for Opportunities feature is a time-saving screening tool that helps identify potential trading opportunities based on over 60 criteria which can be customized to suit specific trading styles. This makes it possible to perform sophisticated intermarket analysis on the markets in order to quickly identify the most profitable trades.

VantagePoint now has additional predicted technical indicators. Users can view any combination of the Predictive MACD, Predictive Stochastic, Predictive Relative Strength Index (RSI), True Strength Index (TSI) and VantagePoint’s proprietary Neural Index together on the same chart. For clarity, each predicted indicator is displayed in a separate area and has its own associated heading and scale. VantagePoint predicts the True Strength Indicator one trading day in advance. The Predicted True Strength Index Indicator is a powerful momentum indicator that can help predict overbought or oversold market conditions, which is especially important given the current state of the economy and market volatility. Updated neural networks have also been included to accommodate changing market conditions and all markets now include retrained neural networks for the Predicted High and Predicted Low.

“We are extremely proud of the recent innovations in VantagePoint,” said Lane Mendelsohn, Vice President. “Now, more than ever, traders are realizing that single-market methods of analysis, particularly trend-following, lagging approaches, which may have worked reasonably well in the past when the markets were less volatile and tended to trade independently of one another, are completely inadequate in today’s global economy. Instead, what is needed is a more robust analytic tool with forecasting capabilities that address the interconnectedness of today’s global financial markets. VantagePoint, first released in 1991 as the global economy was just emerging, is that tool. Perfected over the past seventeen years, VantagePoint is the premier global intermarket analysis and predictive trading software available.”

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Headquartered in Tampa Bay since its founding in 1979 by Louis B. Mendelsohn, Market Technologies is a fast-growing, Inc. 500 company and recognized world leader in market forecasting with trading software customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. Market Technologies researches and develops proprietary trend forecasting and market timing technologies that utilize artificial intelligence applied to intermarket and hurricaneomic analysis to forecast various commodity and financial markets throughout the world. These presently include, but are not limited to, stocks, stock indexes, ETFs, energies, interest rates, currencies, metals, grains, meats, softs and Forex, covering more than 600 world markets.

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