Some disjointed observation at this show for registered investment advisors

1 – Put a wig on one of the guys here and he is Bernie Madoff.  Omen?
2- I heard from a connected soul that he could tell who was a broker. They were the ones walking around in a death march as the model of the business has left them in the dust. Their businesses are dying as they stick to the transaction based view of the world.  Customers changing? Seems so.
3- Advisors are still fighting last year’s battle. “How do we reduce volatility?” they ask. The time to ask that was last year. Now we should be asking how to get more exposure to volatility unless of course, you still think a depression is coming.
4- Asset allocators are still making judgment calls as to when and how to reallocate their portfolios. I feel an article welling up inside about applying technical analysis to the process – not in timing any item in the portfolio – to let the market decide when it is time to reallocate. Sorry, can’t let that cat out of the bag. Wouldn’t it have been great NOT to shift more money into stocks last year as they continued to become a smaller portion of the portfolio? Hello falling knife.