Like many of my peers around the metro New York area, I am heading to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania this weekend to visit one of my kids at camp. If I had all the money I spent on the luxury they call “camping” I’d bail out CIT myself. But that is another issue.

It has been a rough week for me and the bears (bad grammar intended) as the stock market soared. No, I was not caught off guard for the rally and I wrote it up in Monday’s newsletter. But the distance it traveled killed me. Visiting Day will be a vacation away from thinking about it so I can return next week with a clear head.

Here’s what I see:

dollar is weak
commodities have corrected
stocks flipped not only me but every analyst on Wall Street the bird.

Have you ever seen so much flip-flopping? Everyone was bullish. Everyone was bearish. Now everyone is bullish. I cannot wait to see the sentiment numbers for this week.