That setup below failed 3 days ago. I was wondering how many W3´s can anymore work in here.

Commodity market has subdive for serious correction, it also has created something good, for instance my Delta Airlines took it all positive way as “relief of pain” when Oil price started to tank.

I am mostly out from the market since it starts to be summer in here allready, much more important thing to do: Sailing season is in here ! > So this site might not be updated for some time, besides I have no clue what this market is doing in here – it can go down, it can go up or it can go sideways for multimonths. I am also thinking to execute Intel profits out soon. So far stockmarket has not done much actually, it is all commodity stocks also.

I am happy I jumped out on time from those oil and energy ending diagonals, it was direct road up which started by end of summer 2010, on the other hand they were also my core tools to make profits. Some of them had actually first negative day just a few weeks ago since then !!!

No inflation to become is the message they are telling for me.

Enjoy the summer,

Market Geometry