The Washington Post Company (WPO), the diversified media and education company, recently announced the launch of a new weekly subscription publication, known as Capital Business, which will be launched on April 19, 2010.
The business weekly, which will be delivered every Monday with The Washington Post newspaper, will focus on areas such as finance, commercial real estate, government contracting, technology, and the legal community, and include content featuring business analysis, industry trends and entrepreneurship.
Washington Post had earlier dumped its stand-alone business section to curtail newsprint costs, in order to cope with falling print ad sales.
Capital Business will be available only to the subscribers of The Washington Post at an extra price of $49 for 52 issues. To promote the business weekly, complimentary issues of Capital Business will be delivered with the newspaper every week until May 10, to all seven-day Washington Post subscribers. The subscribers of business weekly will also be able to access content online.
Arnie Applebaum, the General Manager of El Tiempo Latino and Express publications will also shoulder the responsibility of Capital Business. Dan Beyers will oversee the editorial division of the publication.
Washington Post’s Newspaper Publishing division has been struggling with sagging revenues, which dropped 4% to $193.3 million in fourth-quarter 2009, driven by a 9% fall in print advertising revenue at The Post due to the fall in classified, zones and retail advertising, but was partially offset by improvement in general advertising.


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