..even though I see nothing worth buying on my scans tonight. I went through my watchlists and deleted a lot of stocks that may be at near term bottoms. I’m thinking I should have took some of my shorts off the table at the close, given that people may be suckered into buying stocks here. It’s really tough to say because the market acted wierd near the close giving up 100 points and that in itself is very bearish. My guess is tomorrow will be dull with investors not wanting to make to many big bets either way with the jobs number coming out on Friday.

Despite the lack of fear in the markets that I was waiting for, there have been times in the past where sellers just exhaust themselves and the markets rise for no good reason. That may be the case right now. The next few days should be telling. I’ll continue to hold my shorts and make a decision at the close tomorrow if I want to hold thru the report or not. Today wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t disastrous either given the strength of the rally.