In this first edition of a new WealthTrack series on great investors, Consuelo Mack sat down with “Bond King” Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of bond giant Pimco, and discussed how he was reconciling his big-picture, secular views of lower investment returns with his higher-return-oriented investment goals. Amongst others, he told her why he was backing away from his investment strategy of making the government his investment partner – a key theme of Pimco’s over the past year – and what he was focusing on instead. Gross also shared what he is doing with his own money.

Gross’ flagship Total Return Fund was up 4% plus last year, nine full percentage points better than its peers. It is up more than 6% for the year to date, again outstripping the competition. Not too shabby!

Do not miss any of this great interview.

Note: The transcript of this interview is not available yet, but will be posted here as soon as it arrives.

Source: WealthTrack, July 3, 2009.

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