A little tired tonight, but have a bunch of new stocks loaded up in the scanner for tomorrow’s half day of trading. I missed the end of the day rally today – I’m going to try to organize my paper and real money trading to play stocks the first couple hours of the day, and the last hour of the market as that is when much of the volatile action happens. See if I can get the real life work done in the middle of the day. I’m going to complete my research first in the morning and post the results of the StockFetcher scan then to force my self to do the prep time.

Update: Here’s a quick list. Depending on where the market goes, will be watching these stocks more closely as possible shorts or longs, along with my Tuesday list. Both DDS and CHRS are at the top of their ranges.

Tick Last Chg Vol ADR Open High Low Up x2 Up, Down Down x2 Down, Up
JASO 4.42 29% 12.5M .21 3.53 3.74 3.32 57% 42% 64% 35%
BBW 4.29 13% 238K .46 3.85 4.31 3.39 36% 63% 67% 32%
GRZ 0.81 9% 709K .1 0.75 0.85 0.65 74% 25% 74% 26%