Week of Sept. 20 – The ETF Report – As our daily comments have mentioned, we are getting ready for the crash. Those of you who follow things like Dow Theory know that the theory indicates we are in a bear market. While we don’t try to pass ourselves off as an expert on Dow Theory, we have always admired Richard Russell’s writings and when we began on LaSalle Street (Chicago’s answer to Wall Street) back in the 60’s, we grew up reading and educating ourselves on Mr. Russell’s tomes. That, plus our general overview of the economy and the direction it has taken under the helm of our fearless leader (you know, the guy from Kenya), plus our lifelong study of the law (i.e., the Constitution), plus throw in a little wisdom from the Bible, and it’s not to hard to expect things to go to h… in a handbasket rather quickly. So we’ve been suggesting getting prepared (mentally) for the rout to come.  See our Daily Comments for specific entry points. We’ve even jumped the gun a little bit and actually bought for our clients this past week, a little PSQ, and a little UDN. Actually, that’s what it’s all about, not a house of cards, but paper. If you read the paper (the green things in your wallet), you will see these are notes. Notes are indications that money was borrowed. Where’s the money?

There once was a court case which said that if the note was irredeemable, it was bogus. To take it a step forward, if the notes is irredeemable, you have not been paid (good thing to remember around the 15th of April). Did you know that the first instance of notes, the greenback, eventually were all paid off in money (took ‘em awhile, but the greenbacks were all redeemed. I tried redeeming some federal reserve notes back in 1963, but they laughed me out of the bank. So shame on us for letting these scalawags in Washington defraud everyone in the whole world. I’m telling. I’m selling my book, “America’s Monetary Mess” on Alibaba to the Chinee, and once they find out about this con, they are gonna be …. (well, I can’t publish THAT). Well, anyway, if you are righteous and honorable and wouldn’t think of trying to screw your fellow man (whatever his color), it’s time for another American Revolution. Maybe a cross between Paul Revere and Charles Martel.