After a number of posts in which I refer to emotional clearing, I’ve been receiving emails asking for more explanation – so here goes:

We all have emotions, fear, anger, guilt, worry, shame etc. Traders and investors who are putting hundreds and thousands of dollars on the line each day are more prone than most to facing these intense emotions. Fear of being wrong, a fear of losing money, fear of missing out, and fear of leaving money on the table are the big ones. But then there are also emotions connected with self-worth, with how you judge and value yourself, with perfectionism. These have an enormous impact on your ability to be consistently profitable – to take money out of the market and keep it!

These strong emotions are within us in the form of energy. Traders have tried therapy, medication, exercise and myriad other ways to address these emotions – yet the most effective way to deal with them is to transform their energy from negative into positive. The positive energy then becomes a force for the good in your trading. Once you know how to do it, its remarkeably easy. Once you begin to clear these emotions you’ll find that gradually over time as new ones arise they have less and less hold over you – you begin to master yourself.

The beauty of emotions – is that their energy can easily be transformed into quite the opposite of what you were originally feeling. The reason for that is that the part of you that is feeling the emotion – doesn’t really want to feel bad, quite the opposite in fact. That part of you mistakenly thought that it was helping you by kicking up an emotion that would either warn you, or convince you to do something different. When you learn the technique of emotional clearing using Core Transformation you learn how to identify what that part of you really wants, and quickly convert the negative emotion into its ‘core’ state – which is usually a feeling of peace, love, joy, tranquility or just being OK with things.

Core Transformation is a simple and easy to learn series of questions that you ask yourself in order to communicate with the part of you that is feeling the emotion. You learn to identify what that part wants for you, and then continue to guide it through simple questionning back to its core state – very positive energy. You then simply reverse the process and allow this positive energy to clean out the negative charge that was originally in place.

I’ve had hundreds of experiences of feeling strong emotions before, during or after a trade which I’ve been able to quickly transform into a calm, positive, opportunistic state in which I can see the market much more clearly. In this way I’m much better prepared to execute each trade as a unique opportunity.

If you are interested in finding out more about Core Transformation you can read the book Core Transformation or learn the method in detail through the DVD of the training course.


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