By: Jay Norris, Senior Market Strategist and Forex Educator

1) Mind Set

The first big difference between professional traders and those that aspire to be pros’ is mind-set. The pro knows that over a particular period of time he is going to generally make X amount of money. He has a positive mind set, and understands that his risk to not making his money comes, not from having losses, but from not taking trades.

2) Stops

The professional views stops completely different than non-profitable traders. The pro’s attitude is “why even trade if you think you are going to get away with risking 20 or 30 pips”. The pro will use what are called “catastrophic stops”, and rarely gets stopped out via those stops because market conditions will shift and give the trader a heads up to take the position off, or reverse it long before that catastophic stop gets hit.

3) Experience

The trader knows what kind of market he is in at all times because he has experienced it before. He knows what the current trends are because that is all that matters — being in the now. He shows up every day with his lunch bucket in hand. His positions shift with the market and he gives himeself enough room to be an hour, or even a day early. And he is never late.  



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