Readers, I want to take a a poll and here is why:br /br /In my neighborhood and surrounding towns, over the decades, the number of gasoline filling stations has declined but not at any rate that would raise an eyebrow. A new store comes in and needs real estate or a housing development needs more room. I get it. Progress and /br /But over the past year, not only have the numbers of the departed gone way up as the price of energy skyrocketed but now there are exactly zero stations in my town with the nearest one to my house a mile away. Not a big deal? It is when you consider it is in the next county. The nearest one in my county is three miles, no that one is shut down, so make that four miles /br /Again, not a big deal? Some of you I am sure, have to drive dozens of miles to fill up but I live on Long Island where three million of my closest friends live within a few dozen miles. This is not a rural area and it is not a mass transit friendly area, either. We need our cars and not just for luxury or convenience. br /br /With so many people needing so much gasoline (demand) then why are the sellers of that product closing up shop? I don’t get /br /So, here is the poll question. Have your noticed an unusual reduction in the number of gasoline stations where you live? Let us know where that is, /br /Bonus question – what is replacing those gas stations? Here, banks are sprouting up like weeds, like everyone is so flush with cash. And lately, drug stores are replacing the gas /br /Given the times, drugs I can understand a little bit more.