Job growth strengthened in nearly all major industry sectors in June, with notable jumps in government, business services, education and health.

Education and health services led the way with 61,000 jobs, accounting for more than a quarter of overall gains during the month. The growth was driven largely by employers at hospitals, medical clinics, home health services, nursing care facilities and day care centers.

Professional services added 51,000 jobs. That category includes positions, some of them high-paying, in such fields as accounting, engineering, computer systems design and administrative support.

The government sector was a major source of hiring in June, adding 33,000 jobs. Nearly all those gains were at the local level. Construction and manufacturing also posted solid gains.

Overall, U.S. employers added a robust 224,000 jobs in June. The unemployment rate ticked up to 3.7%, the Labor Department said Friday.

Industry (change from previous month) June 2019 May 2019 Past 12 months
Construction 21,000 5,000 224,000
Manufacturing 17,000 3,000 167,000
Retail -5,800 -7,300 -48,200
Transportation, warehousing 23,900 3,300 158,000
Information (Telecom, publishing) 2,000 0 -23,000
Financial services 2,000 2,000 88,000
Professional services (Accounting, engineering, temp work) 51,000 24,000 482,000
Education and health 61,000 28,000 585,000
Hotels, restaurants, entertainment 8,000 18,000 370,000
Government 33,000 -11,000 100,000
Source: Labor Department