Please find below the Morning Report from David Evans, market analyst at

The FTSE is currently indicating a flat open, as traders are unwilling to bet
on the next direction in equities until they see some substantial economical
support for either direction. With almost no economical data for UK this
week, it is very likely that the FTSE will trade in a range. A stronger
dollar on Friday has put a damper on oil prices, pushing the price per
barrel to below $68. We might expect more of that this morning, as the US
dollar continues to benefit from the better then expected employment data.
With the US dollar getting some buying attention, the smart move is to go
with the flow. A 7-day no touch bet on the GBP/USD with a trigger at 1.6700
[ays 9% ROI.

Predicted opens as of 06:00 GMT
FTSE: 4417.5 (-13.5)
CAC40 3318.5 (-18.3)
DAX30 5062.6 (-13.7)
DOW: 8733 (-36)
SP500 936.73 (-4.75)
Gold: 958.55 (+2.00)
Oil: 67.98 (-0.42)