It is always fun coming up with new business ideas. I’m basically consulting and working out a super business plan on a multi-purpose bar that would be based in Detroit downtown.
My goals are to:
– Negotiate with current landlords on leases
– bars in foreclosure
– ideas to “sell the idea” to the bank
– full business plan
– the bars demographics and specific group to market to
– multi-purposes of the bar
– cheap foods to sell or with partner resturants in the area to provide refreshments
– liqour license
– advertising, radio, flyers, blogging, word of mouth
– concert venue for bands
– bar night themes, dj’s, karayoke
– inside of the bar look – 70’s lounge, tiki bar, surfer bar, ex.
– research on bars in the area, profitability, costs of equipment, rent, and payroll
– type of company to form, pay out commissions of revenue instead of salary for manager
+ more to come on ideas to expand.