Want to see a cool trick? Open up a new browser tab and type “wp.com” into the address bar.

Whoa! It just redirected you to WordPress.com.

I could do that all day. :)

Yes it’s true, Automattic is now the proud owner of WP.com, which we acquired from our buddies over at Yahoo! We’ve been using WP.com as internal shorthand for this site for years now, and ever since we figured out four or five years ago that Yahoo had that domain (as opposed to the Washington Post or something) we’ve been doing our best to get it, a journey that culminated in ultimate success a few days ago.

WP.com seemed like a great fit: people’s attention spans are getting shorter every day.Wow the weather is great in San Francisco today. Also it’s seven keystrokes shorter to type in, which multiplied by the hundreds of millions of times people visit the site every year will be a huge productivity boost to our troubled economy and prevent RSI in a large percentage of the population.

But beyond just redirecting wp.com to wordpress.com I wanted to throw something out to you guys:

What should we do with WP.com?

Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll put it into the Automattic idea machine and crunch something out at the end.