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Oops. The President’s wife who dispossessed white farmers in Zimbabwe was Grace Mugabe, not Grace Mobutu. Wrong kleptocrat, right global dairy firm, Nestle. You would think the Swiss food co. would have less of a tin ear.

Nestle was a target for do-gooders for decades after its babymilk powder giveaways endangered African newborns. The mothers were introduced to “modernity” after giving birth by being given “free” formula powder. On returning home before their milk did not come up because they were not breast-feeding, they stretched out their remaining powder and mixed it with dirty water. Nestle has been trying to clean up its Africa milk act ever since, but still without complete success.

Switzerland brings taxes to mind. I have just commissioned an article on U.S. listed mutual funds which are designated at Passive Foreign Investment Companies by the Internal Revenue Service from Daniel J. Pilla, a tax litigation consultant and author of a dozen books on IRS defense strategies.