Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. There is an easy, completely legal way to get the Wall Street Journal for free. Although you won’t get the journal delivered to you every morning in its paper form, you can read all the online articles for free with these few easy steps:

1) Go to

2) Choose the article you want to read (any article).

3) If it is a subscriber only article, go to the bar right below “To continue reading, subscribe now.” Look for the “share” section and go to the icon directly in the middle (at least it is at this time), the icon with a little guy and a shovel. Click it and it will direct you to the website

4) A window should open to Digg’s site. Click on the link with the title of the article you wanted to read.

5) Wah-Lah! It is as though you are now a subscriber! (i.e. you can read the complete article)

There are some sites out there that discuss the ethics of using this go-around, but I am not going to link any of them. The few that I have read are poorly written and have directions on how to perform the above that will definitely confuse you (much too convoluted and overly technical; stick to the easy five steps above). Furthermore, the paper wants people to be able to access their articles from websites such as Digg and Google News. They do this on purpose. There are plenty of other things that a subscriber gets besides the articles anyway. If you want MarketWatch, for instance, you will have to pay. The same goes for making and reading comments.