YESD_chart.pngEver since Feb. 1, YesDTC Holdings, Inc. (OTC:YESD) has been heading deeper and deeper.

The price took several dips under the penny mark yesterday, but managed to close at $0.0119 in the end. It was still a 9.16% drop on approximately 3.6 million shares.

It looks like neither promotions, nor PR’s can help YESD at this moment. The company released an announcement at the open. It concerns a campaign YESD is supposed to launch on May 15. At this point traders don’t seem to care much about that.[BANNER]

The fact that YESD is featured in this newsletter, doesn’t seem to do anything positive about the price, either.

YESD_logo.pngWhile there are plenty of supporters of the company on various message boards, the price action speaks volumes more. After YESD had it’s fabulous Jan. 31 session, it hasn’t managed to get anywhere near the price of that day.

At the time the stock was in the focus of some expensive promotions. It was also the time a PR about YESD launching a WordSmart Product on the Chinese market, supposedly targeting “TOEFL(R) Prep”, came out. Strangely enough, the announcement in question is no longer available on yahoo or the OTC Markets page.