I was recently reading an online marketing blog and the author said something like “marketing is a work in progress”. He meant it requires constant or at least very regular attention. Being a small business owner for many years, I found that to be stating the very obvious.

However it made me think about trading. Trading is a work in progress. That is, it is something you should always be working on.

I speak with a lot of new traders and I often sense people are looking for that ‘one thing’ that will take them to the next level and make everything easy from then on.

Boy, I wish it worked like that. It just doesn’t. While getting to that next level is important, we should all realise the levels never end. There is always the next thing.

I started out in futures. I went from bonds and financial spreads to index futures, then to commodities, then to options. Now my primary focus is on spreads. I think it’s a fantastic area, but I know there is always something new to learn or a different way to see things.

So the question is, what are you working on today and what is your next ‘thing’?