The target of my present article is ZAGG Incorporated (ZAGG.OB), the designer, manufacturer, and distributor of protective coverings for consumer electronic and hand-held devices under the brand name invisible SHIELD primarily in the United States and Europe. Differently from most of the OTCBB companies, ZAGG seems to be a growing company.

From the earnings per share ratio it is seen that the company has done a lot in 2008: in March this ratio was negative -$0.0060, while at the end of the year it reached $0.0596. In addition, it can be mentioned that ZAGG has enough money to pay all the debts. The increase in assets by 102% also makes the company look attractive for investors.

However, there are several negative indicators of ZAGG: it is ridiculously overvalued in the market, as well as its value in the market is negative. Besides that the company paid $7,000 to Small Cap Voice for stock promotion.