About Us

TraderPlanet.com is an Inc. 500 financial publisher headquartered in Tampa Bay, FL, built to be the ultimate one-stop destination for anyone that has an interest in growing their trading knowledge base. We strive to maintain a full compendium of educational trading information, including original content, timely strategies and resources, to help self-directed traders of all proficiencies find credible information to achieve their financial goals.

Our Team

Lane Mendelsohn

Lane Mendelsohn has been involved in the trading industry dating back to 1993 and has been an associate member of the Market Technicians Association since 2001. He has educated thousands of traders and has helped them to become more successful in their trading through his expertise with trading software. His vision for helping traders has resulted in the successful launch of several educational websites. His latest endeavor, TraderPlanet.com launched in January 2005 and is dedicated to helping traders free of charge.

Darla Tuttle

Darla Tuttle directs the progression of TraderPlanet by applying twenty three years of diverse business development and project management experience in the financial technology industry. She has worked with many of the industry's most influential individuals in both the development and promotion of trading platform software and online trading education resources. Darla oversees the internal teams and manages the relationships and logistics pertinent to marketing and advertising, content publishing, online event production, public and media relations, and business development.

Kara Crawford

Kara Crawford enthusiastically supports the operational and marketing logistics for TraderPlanet.com. She has a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications and joined TraderPlanet in 2007. Kara publishes the TraderPlanet e-newsletters and manages the email marketing and distribution of company communications for TraderPlanet.com. Many key individuals in the industry have come to rely upon Kara just as TraderPlanet management does, because she knows how to get things done, done right and fast!

Julie Saltzman

Julie Saltzman has been involved in the trading industry for over 20 years starting in the currency option pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a trader for Banque National de Paris. She has spent the past seven years developing and producing award winning video and written trading content. Julie is passionate about leveling the playing field for all investors and giving individual traders premium grade tools and information on TraderPlanet.com.

Kira Brecht

Kira McCaffrey Brecht is a twenty year veteran of the financial markets. She started her career on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade covering the bond futures market for a financial newswire service. From there she moved upstairs to work as a technical analyst for MMS International—an advisory firm for institutional and central bank clients, which was a division of Standard & Poor's. She has a passion for the financial markets and has analyzed and written about commodity futures, forex, individual stocks and the broader stock market. She truly believes it is "all in the charts" and offers expertise in deciphering and explaining technical tools and strategies in an easy to understand manner. Posts during her career include managing editor SFO magazine, Chicago bureau chief at Futures World News, market analyst at Bridge News and technical analyst at MMS International. She has passed Level I and Level II CMT exams from the Market Technicians Association.

Keith Hatfield

As a Senior Developer, Keith brings over 10 years’ experience in programming and software development. Having worked in a variety of industries including web design, manufacturing, healthcare, and non-profit organization management has provided Keith with a breadth of experience that manifests itself in his adaptability and forward-thinking development style. Keith is constantly working to make the TraderPlanet.com website a responsive and powerful tool for traders.

Chris Kirby

Chris Kirby has been in the Digital Arts and Multimedia Developing fields for over 12 years professionally. In the span of his career, Chris has worked with many Fortune 500 companies in developing their online user experience and has traveled around the world supervising the deployment of online rich media technologies. His experience and passion for both the creative and analytical aspects of development drive him to create interactive solutions that are appealing and easy to use for all demographics.

Tyler Rehm

Tyler Rehm has been working in the software engineering and web application development field for over 5 years. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work within the legal, financial and health care industries. These varying experiences have given him the insight and abilities to create and maintain robust modern applications while managing the ever growing tools and technologies that power them. Tyler's keen eye for optimization and improvement will help expand the many tools and services offered by TraderPlanet.com.