As I get asked more questions, I will update the below. Feel free to ask whatever is on your mind!

Q: Why the moniker Complacent Panda? Will you rename yourself when the market turns bullish?

A: I came up with the name one day and mentioned it to my brother. He liked it. I liked it as well, so I came up with several (yes, ad hoc) reasons as to why it is appropriate for a trading website.

1) On a long enough timeline, everyone’s (including corporations, as they have been ruled to be entities) life expectancy drops to zero. While that could be interpreted as rather morbid or pessimistic, from my experiences with life and science, it does appear to be the truth. For instance, GE (General Electric) is the only company of the original thirty to still remain on the DOW. Or, in my general terms, think about all of the people you know over the age of 120. If you’re like most people (or all), you do not know anyone. Well, corporations, while longer lasting, are similar to people. And similar to most all things. Everything submits to gravity, entropy affects everything.

Because of these “facts,” I figure a bear would be a good moniker. Of course, it is nice when the market rallies, and things grow, develop, and evolve. So, I figure the bear must be pretty damn complacent most of the time. Hence, my choice of Complacent Panda. Because of this, no I will not change the name during bull markets. During bull markets, the panda is mostly sleeping and eating delicious bamboo.

2) I thought it would be a fairly ironic name. Mainstream media often associates Pandas with the Chinese. MSM also likes to say the Chinese will take over the world (and maybe they will; they do own a good portion of our debt–then again, that could work in our favor). Who would ever consider the Chinese to be complacent? Not I. On a side note, no, I am not asian.

3) I don’t know. I like the first one the best. Maybe I will remember or think of some other reasons for the name at a later date.

Q: I have a question, how can I get a reply?

A: You can find my contact information on the contact page.