I like gold here as an investment going forward I just liked it a whole lot better a few weeks ago. I think we at the top of this wedge formation and due for a pullback and the RSI could come back to the previous high around 50. That would be very constructive and bullish allowing this metal to bust through 900 on it’s next run. While I don’t have a specific price target for where I think it will correct to, the 20-day moving average seems like a reasonable guess.

Obviously if tensions heat up in the middle east this could fuel another rise in gold and all bets are off. However I’ve learned in the past not to underestimate gold’s ability to correct quickly so I took my profits on Friday and will enter on a pullback. I wanted to be flat going into next week as anything can happen when all the fund managers get back from vacation.


Silver has been up 6 straight days and is fast approaching resistance. I would rather it pause here and gather some strength to possibly break through the 11.75 area instead of shooting straight up using up all it’s firepower. Use any further strength to unload positions and wait for a pullback to add or establish new positions.