CPL Co-Registration Campaigns

On TraderPlanet, these display as a list of free offers that are displayed by third party advertisers during the registration flow of new member signup, live event registration or TraderTube video channel subscriptions. Our custom filters checks against the advertiser's data parameters for first name, last name, email, phone and country. If the data provided by the user doesn't fulfill the advertiser's requirements, it is marked invalid by our system and is not forwarded to the advertiser as a valid lead. We also have format validation assigned to the phone field for US and Canada. Geo-targeting is available at the country level only. Leads may be forwarded to the advertiser’s CRM real-time (POST/GET/XML) and we also support InfusionSoft. Otherwise, lead file and reporting will be issued as a daily email attachment. We will structure a competitive CPL rate based on lead volume, duration, geo-targeting and data points. Our current lead volume is delivering 500 leads a month. Upon receipt of an executed insertion order and offer creatives, we have campaigns up and running within same business day.

CPL Exclusive Email

This is more of a "hands on" managed campaign where TraderPlanet distributes advertiser's email creative to our lists based on selections for geo-targeting and embeds auto registration links within advertiser's creative to connect the email responses to our custom lead generation system. The email address of the respondent is matched to TraderPlanet’s database and the requested lead data points are forwarded to the advertiser. Lead delivery is via email or real-time to advertiser’s CRM.

Site Sponsorships

Run-of-Site online banner advertising inventory is sold on a monthly flat fee. Inventory consists of 728 x 90 leaderboard , 300 x 250 rectangle, 300 x 600 skyscraper, 100 x 50 button, and text ads (within commentary/article views). A site sponsorship campaign is in rotation for impressions as 1 of (up to) 5 sponsor placements. Discounts are available for duration longer than one month.

CPL Event Advertising (Webinar Registrations)

TraderPlanet assists advertiser in accruing registrations for an online webinar or onsite seminar. Promotion is conducted in the same manner as those for TraderPlanet produced events; A listing is posted to the TraderPlanet Event Calendar and email invitations are issued to the TraderPlanet list(sThe respondent simply selects an 'auto registration' link within the email invitation they receive or through the site Event Calendar registration process. These leads are highly qualified because they are specifically registering for the advertiser's event. Campaign is billed on a CPL basis. TraderPlanet requires a 2-week lead time minimum prior to event date to secure registrations. Leads are delivered daily via email attachment.

Newsletter Sponsorships

TraderPlanet produces a variety of publications. Our daily newsletter, TraderPlanet Today and our weekly newsletter, Synergistic Trading perform so well that banner inventory is sold out through December 2015.

The following publications are available for sponsorship

Story Stocks Newsletter: The Story Stocks Newsletter distributes to 78,000 subscribers Mon-Wed-Fri. The newsletter launched in March 2015 and leverages content from through a partnership. Sponsorship term is one-week in duration. Contact us for pricing details and availability.

Marketbeat Newsletter: This is a content sponsorship, meaning that the advertiser also provides the article content for the publication with display banner creatives. Distribution to 100,000 subscribers. Contact us for pricing details and availability.

See: for a full listing of our e-newsletter publications.

Dedicated Email (List Rental)

TraderPlanet sends advertiser's email creative as a one-time send to the advertiser's choice of lists and send size (minimum send size for any list is 10,000 subscribers). These campaigns are sold on a CPM (Cost per Thousand) basis. Contact us for CPM rate.

List Name Description Subscribers
Trader Central Third Party Advertisers List 110,000
SFO Subscribers Stocks, Futures and Options magazine subscribers, responders have responded to TraderPlanet and/or other third party offers. 50,000
Figure 3: Email List Inventory