I don´t think this is fake breake, eur-usd likely going to reach 61.8% retracement. It build sideways triangle after 1.3300 bottom and this pattern is very often W4 position in one minute chart. 1.3300 didn´t keep more than few hours offering 20-40 pips bounce. SPX 60, 30 and 15 minutes charts macds falling as well. Likely some more consolidate ahead of us again. Even 61.8% is not so far (100 pips) – I did exit.

And yes, I might trade both, 61.8% and 78.6% if they comes. I also closed now my oil short position as it came down more close to 50 $. I assume it will lead to my targeted level at 44-45 $ – but perhaps this is enough for this week, it was damn good week and I don´t think will participate to US market today.

Enjoy the weekend !