One thing you’ll notice as that the homepage of now shows a much smaller number than it used to:

Before Change

Before Change

After change

After Change

Can you spot the difference?

Before we used to highlight the total number of blogs on, and then later added the new posts and words numbers. But what was weird that total was blogs across all time, and the other numbers were daily. I felt like it didn’t really give an accurate representation of the true activity happening on

The new number is a stat we track of active logged-in WordPressers interacting with the site. It’s an average over the last few days so is more of a daily number like the other ones.

Now 163,702 is much less impressive sounding than 5.2 million, but that’s okay.

What’s truly impressive is what you guys are creating every day, not some arbitrarily large or small number on our homepage.

(If you’re curious about any of the public stats for we have a page of them here.)