A splitting headache, pilates, and doing my own stock research is going to prevent me from doing much in the way of posts tonight. Besides, I could analyze the markets to a tee, but the jobs report is infamous for throwing a monkey-wrench in the most perfect technical analysis. It’s useless to try and predict where the markets are going ahead of a much watched report such as this.

Today was a lot of chop and I think it was the markets way of trying to scare longs out of their positions. The jobs report before the bell will determine the market direction for the next few weeks. I took the opportunity to open a few more longs throughout the day and at the close because the market kept finding support around the 8650 level and I still have a buy on the markets. However, at one point today I felt that if we broke below the lows and the markets sold off all bets were off and I’d be back in the bear camp. Luckily the market rebounded to close near it’s highs for the day keeping my signal intact.