Hello everyone, this is the very first fruits of my labor into a great new trading blog and service. I am posting my Live Trading Results fresh starting for 2009.

Much of my trading consists of the Forex Spot & Futures Markets. From time to time I will make commentary on the market and maybe particulars on stocks and sectors, but my default markets remain the same for Profit Edge Trading. The Spot Forex Market is where I trade currencies the most. Much of this market has gained extraordinary popularity among many professional and non-professional traders alike, given all the global economic crisis that the world markets are going through. Forex remains very well on top of all the other markets dwarfing the stock and futures markets around the globe nearly 30 to 1, with nearly 4 Trillion Dollars traded each day. Although my primary trading instrument is through currencies, I still enjoy much of what the commodity and futures markets provide as well. Liquidity, Leverage, and simply Profit Edge Trading!

The name I developed stands for:
Profit – To seek unbiased and profitable areas in the marketplace, and take our cut of the pie.
Edge – To use great technicals and simple methodologies to gain an Edge in our Trading.
Trading – To trade with confidence and success, with sound risk & money management principles.

Folks no matter what happens there are always opportunities in any market to make a decent income or profit from, and Profit Edge Trading would like to help you in your study of the marketplace. If your accounts have been decimated by this market or you just haven’t a clue in your trading, or you are more experienced and are looking to have more of an edge, then Profit Edge Trading would like to help make a recovery possible for you. Profit Edge Trading makes no extraordinary claims, and the P.E.T moto is “Traders helping Traders With an Edge!”

I use a very simple yet complete methodology, that has been derived from many years of learning different systems, methods and strategies and morphing them into a complete simple technical way of trading. Some of the technical indicators used in the P.E.T trading methodology are traditional indicators based on most charting platforms, and have already been developed and are already well known, however I use much of it in a non-traditional way.

In the coming months I will be starting a live trading room for all new subscribers to Profit Edge Trading, where you can learn how to trade well and learn the methods I use to Profit from the markets everyday. Details about the subscription will come in the near Future as I am in the development process of this service. However as a note to Profit Edge Trading followers, please use wise judgement on your risk tolerance for any trading, and remember; “You are always in control of your money.” Profit Edge Trading is for educational and instructional use only, and we are not responsible for any profits or losses that you may occur with the service.

Stay tuned for more Details…

Thank You for your interest & support in the Profit Edge Trading Service & Blog.