There were a number of good breakout trades this morning-I caught a few, missed a few.Stocks saw some good short covering, but it appears to have faded for the time being.

March S&P:An intraday rally took Spoos to nearly unchanged, but the move faded.Was it just me, or did it appear to start going back down when Geithner came on?Until he has something concrete to say, he’s a drag on the market. The lack of a concrete plan for the financial markets is creating uncertainty, and markets hate uncertainty.
March Treasury Bonds:This should be a momentum buy day but upcoming supply is weighing on prices. I also saw a story that the price for US government CDS rose to record prices. There’s trendline support at 126-22.
March British Pound:Huge selloff on a breakout setup.Breaking 14375 support was big, next support is 14236
March Canadian Dollar:I sold today on a breakout setup. 7992 was Fib support, I sold the break under there.7968 is a pivot for the remainder of the session.
April Gold: Good rally on a momentum buy day.$980 is good resistance; clearing targets $991
March Silver:Momentum buy day here as well, 1406.5 is resistance
March Copper:Can it continue to defy gravity up here?15250 is the key level to watch
May Sugar: Rallied in tandem with crude oil; holding over 1325 is key for further advances
April Crude Oil:good extension to the rally when it cleared $40, staying over Monday’s high at 41.49 is the next thing to watch for
April Live Cattle:Held Fibonacci resistance at 8567, 8415 is the downside target
May Soybeans:I sold the breakout when it took out the early morning low at 873, I overstayed my welcome when it regained yesterday’s low of 868.I’d consider selling again if they take out today’s low.
May Corn:trying to bottom? I feel like corn and sugar are proxies for crude oil, so you need to keep half an eye on that.366 is resistance, then Monday’s high of 368-4.

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