I go by the moniker Complacent Panda. I discuss topics, largely, in the economics field, with some tangents into politics, art, philosophy, or whatever I find myself interested in at the moment. I am a full time student, who does part time tutoring (math, science, english, whatever).

The goal of this site is to guide and develop the skills necessary for trading in the stock market, the forex market, or on the options exchange. When I started, I felt that trading was quite possibly my best bet for making money based on a reward system.

‘Blogging’ History
I have been on the internet since I was in 7th grade and have been making websites since shortly thereafter. I began with a video game site which slowly developed into a rom/emulation site. At 13 I received my first advertisement check. After that I made myriads of small blog-esque sites that never developed into much. Before developing Complacent Panda, my last success occurred during high school. I designed a simple backend that allowed a group of friends to post random, original articles to a central location.

Investing History
Even before ’08, back in ’99/’00 I started a project in class on investing in the stock market. I chose to invest my virtual $100,000 into Cisco. At the end of the project I had more than doubled my money, planted the psychological seeds for future interest in investments, and was in first place for total profits. While the .com bubble would pop shortly after, because of my age (8th grade or so) I was largely unaware of the consequences–what really stuck in my mind were all the people around me making fortunes in Qualcom and other technology companies.

Most Recent Impetus
It wouldn’t be until March of ’08, during the Bear Stearns collapse, that I would become intensely interested in investing (talk about alliteration). After watching the disconnect between televised analysts (i.e. Jim Cramer apparently misleading people about Bear Stearns’ solvency, Ben Stein stating the problems should be ignored due to their relatively small and insignificant size) and those on the internet (i.e. several competant people pulling large profits by shorting Bear Stearns, and purchasing it or strangles on it when it was around $2, and reaping large profits); I decided to do some research.

The Conclusion I Made
There had to be a way for people to have some idea of where the market was going. Despite my grandfather’s constant warnings and televisions dramatic idiocy, someone out there had to know where the market would likely head. And if I could find those people, perhaps I could reap some profits of my own.

Final Summation
That’s why I developed this site: to develop ideas that will assess the probability of the market moving in a certain direction and use those ideas to reap monetary rewards.