Well AAPL is doing what I expected it to do. Weeks before the big conference event it climbed$123 to $147. Now the day starting of the Mac Show in San Francisco, CA 2009 it fell. Also noting RIMM is falling with AAPL. They both for the most part copy each other’s stock price movement up/down.

A decrease in computer sales prices is bad news for investors unless the computers are now even cheaper to make because more are in production. So a lower price may also mean if cheaper to construct them because more people are buying Apple computers could mean more sales to come for Apple which would mean continual earnings growth and profits.

Fans want to see a new type of iPhone. I don’t know if they are going to get it. If Steve Jobs does not show up for his Mac world I could see that hurting the stock price unless a new improved iPhone was shown. Currently the rumor is just for an updated iPhone. That is not a big deal to fans, they want more of a tablet one. Regardless the stock could fall more this week. Then after if Apple’s full story on lowered computer prices is a positive one and if there is a new iPhone then I could see Apple moving much higher up into the summer and into the fall with a likely stock split.

RIMM should follow AAPL too. Either stock is a great call option trade afterwards or a currently short-term put play.

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