I just got an email from Vinny Catalano (vinnycatalano.blogspot.com) and stole his subject line for this blog post. He writes about the porn industry now asking for a bailout. Of source, its a stunt but if porn – a thriving business – wants help, then everyone should get in line for help, too.br /br /In another email received ealier today from friend Tom McMahon, he sent a Calvin amp; Hobbes cartoon from 15 years ago. Evidently, Calvin’s lemonade stand business practices were so rife with greed that his business failed. He went to his personal govenrment (Mom) for a subsidy.br /br /Here is the link at one of the humor websites:br /a href=”http://spikedhumor.com/articles/171386/Calvin-and-Hobbes-Financial-Crisis.html”http://spikedhumor.com/articles/171386/Calvin-and-Hobbes-Financial-Crisis.html/abr /br /Amazingly accurate and relevant to today.br /br /Socialism cannot change these attitudes. Only a good housecleaning by capitalism can flush out these greedy idiots. But since we are a civilized nation, a safety net for the innocent victims is still a good idea. Innocent victims are workers laid off by failing companies – not management and not dumb investors.