Have you ever left a comment and forgot to check back later for replies? It would be great if you could track all the comments left by others wouldn’t it?

Now you can. When you leave a comment on a WordPress.com blog, check the Notify me of followup comments via email checkbox before submitting and you will receive an email notification every time someone else leaves a comment on that post.

It’s a great feature for readers as it makes it so easy to be part of the conversation around a post. It’s also a win for blog authors as it encourages people to return and comment. This feature definitely increases traffic to blogs and makes blogs more interactive for visitors.

You can view the posts you’re subscribed to, and do various housekeeping tasks like unsubscribing, blocking notifications, or changing email address (if you’re not logged in) from the “Manage your subscriptions” link. It’s also there in the Dashboard when you’re logged in.

There are no switches to pull or buttons to push to switch it on. It’s already enabled on all blogs.

This feature is based on the excellent Subscribe To Comments plugin by Mark Jaquith (originally by Scriptygoddess) but has been extensively reworked to accommodate the different needs of the multi blog environment on this site. I’ll be in touch with Mark soon about releasing the code, but it might take a week or two.