Today was so crazy that I wasn’t able to keep the additions/deletions on the watchlist apart. Just know that the list has been updated with a plethora of new trading ideas. I’ve taken off some of the more frothier stocks and replaced them with stocks that appear to have more room to run.

All in all I’m quite pleased with this new (unnamed) scan that I’ve been playing around with. Trying to think of something catchy and appropriate but so far nothing. Decided to sleep in today because I didn’t want to trade the pre-Fed announcements.

Today was my best day in months and it is all because of the stocks off of this watchlist that I’ve been accumulating these past few trading days, so I’m fairly optimistic about the possibilities moving forward. I’ve also created a scan in reverse for when the markets do an about face and quick back-testing results look good as well.

Took profits on my gold stocks as they look poised for a pullback. Opened positions in PCR VIV and TXI today. There were so many stocks that looked like great buys but I refrained from getting ahead of myself as we could just as easily sell off tomorrow as the markets are famous for having “morning after” syndrome. Over-excitement about potential buys never leads to anything good as there will always be pullbacks, especially with many skeptics out there willing to short this rally.

Select Chinese stocks are looking good with these looking especially bullish with room to run: ACH CEO FXI LFC YZC

Noticing a lot of global stocks and Ishares on my list. That has to be a good sign: EWZ EWW KTC KEP TSM (previous mentioned Chinese stocks)

Beta Watchlist