Formerly known as American Power Tech, Inc., the company changed its name to Black Art Beverage, Inc. (BLVI.PK). It imports German beer and distributes it in the United States. Although the stock chart looks rather shabby (there is not much trading observed), the stock price has recently reached the value of $0.28. In addition, the volume surpassed one million. It looks like someone has bought the stock and made the price increase by almost 30%.

On the other hand, this bouncing could have been affected by the recent stock promotional service of StockRich, HotOTC, as well as Stock Egg. Every party received $30,000. In total, it is $90,000.

The most unlikely reason is the announcement on the establishment of Black Art Beer in the Midwestern United States. Ras Moses, the President of BLVI, stated, “Expansion into the Midwestern United States and cultivation of such a key beer market is critical to our success. We have taken deliberate and controlled steps to ensure the success of the brand by coordinating our distribution effectively.”

Considering the recent announcement on the expansion of the distribution market, the share price jump, as well as the stock promotional campaign, what is your overall attitude to the company? Can you betray me this secret?