I don’t think many actually thought Ron Paul’s Bill HR 1367 that proposes to audit the Federal Reserve would actually slide through the Senate without a fight. I felt it would get rejected, as it has, but was left wondering which sleeve trick they were going to pull out. Would they pull the fire alarm and hope that when everybody came back in the building they would simply forget that a vote was underway. That this bill that would give transparency to the non governmental entity that is responsible for the dollar losing 95% of it’s value since 1913. Or maybe they would say that their dogs in a joint Democratian (I realize it’s not a word) effort consumed the bill and try to dismiss the notion that it’s somehow relevant that we know what the Fed is doing behind closed doors. Instead they decided to shock the viewing public that was sitting on the edge of their seats, popcorn in hand, and dazzled them with Rule 16, which is a procedural tactic that will block the vote. How boring….where’s the gunfire or political espionage.

This video is a little slow at first but it really shows what absurdity goes on inside the Senate. You be the judge if there’s a double standard that goes on as Jim Demint so eloquently points out. And just what is up with the robotic nature of the president. Does she even have a pulse? It’s sad when a bill that is essential to prevent the elite from pillaging the American people further is so quickly and without real reason (that I can see) is shot down.

Like I said, we all knew this would happen, but we can always hope for Jack Bauer to bust through the doors and make everything right again.