As I have mentioned in previous posts, screeners are an important tool I use to narrow the focus the list of companies I look at. There are a number of stock screeners out there for US markets, Google Finance and Yahoo both sport some excellent tools. Finding a screener for Canadian stocks has been infinitely more difficult. MSN and the Financial Post both support very rudimentary screeners. The Financial Post will also sell you something that “may” be better, but finding something I can at least try before I buy has been tough.
Then I stumbled onto ChartSmart. While ChartSmart doesn’t have a free license they at least provide a 30 day demo in order for you to experience their product.

ChartSmart is a very sophisticated product- not pretty, just sophisticated. It allows the user to perform both screening of Canadian stocks and technical analysis of stocks. For my purposes I was able to create a custom screener for Canadian stocks that meets the same Graham style criteria that I have used in my U.S. screeners (see here for more on this).

I hope that I will be able to find a free screener in the future, but for the next 30 days I am at least set!

Disclosure: The author of this post did not receive any compensation for the recommendation of this product.