Video Highlights: Here is part 1/6. You can find the other by going to YouTube. Many of the links I’ve provided have come from mainstream news sources to backup the information provided.

Teresa Forcades is a nun at Benedictine that practiced medicine years ago. She has several degrees (PHD in Public Health at Barcelona U) and specialized in internal medicine. I’ve tried to highlight much of what I felt to be important, as it’s easier for most to take 5 minutes to read this than to watch the 60 minute clip.

There are three types of flu viruses: A, B, C. Swine Flu is a type A virus and is not a new strain. This is the same strain as was the one in 1918, which claimed more than 20 million lives. It existed among the population until the 1957, when it seemed to disappear.  It then made another appearance in 1977, but this time it was re-synthesized in a lab. The body of an Inuit who died from this strain in 1918 was exhumed from ice, which left the elements needed to produce this virus again were present. This is all according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Here are some Swine Flu facts.

1.      This year’s viral strain (S-OIV) is a strain unknown until now, diagnosed on April 17th, 2009. So to avoid confusion, new strain, but same virus type.

2.      Based on the scientific data that we have at hand, this new virus has a lower mortality rate than the common flu.

3.      People older than 60, already have a 33% immunity against this new virus.

Significance of WHO and Timeline of Events:

1.      On April 29th, twelve days after those two first cases were discovered, WHO’s Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan, announced a Level 5 Worldwide state of alert for the prevention of a pandemic. What does this mean? Level 5 is quite high, which is one below the highest level possible. Level 6 means the pandemic is already happening. 1 ½ months later on June 11 2009, Dr.Chan announces Level 6, the maximum level, initiating a global pandemic of A-H1N1.

Why isn’t there a pandemic every year, if the yearly virus is worse than this new virus? The answer is May, 09’, the WHO changed the definition of “pandemic” from its then current definition of an infection by an infectious agent simultaneously present in different countries at the same time and with a significant mortality ratio to the proportion of the infected population. They removed from the definition, this mortality characteristic. Therefore the new definition went to describe the pandemic as a simultaneous infection present in various countries and carrying an infectious agent showing any novelty characteristic, thus leaving us unable to know the type of immunity present within the population. This is a definition I’m quoting from the British Medical Journal.

2.      April 26, 2009 – USA declares a Public Health National Emergency based on twenty cases of infection and zero deaths.

3.      WHO is an International Organization that normally issues recommendations. Then it’s assumed that each sovereign country applies or not the recommendations following its own criteria, it’s own circumstances, and its own internal research. Now, in case of a pandemic, WHO doesn’t make recommendations, it gives orders. Well, you may ask, what terrible thing may arrive? Well, the mandatory vaccination, which if you refuse could result in a fine up to $1000/day, or you go to prison. Forced vaccinations leave you with absolutely no choice and is one of the ultimate violations of our personal freedoms regarding our decisions about what we put in our own bodies.

 3 Characteristics That Make Swine Flu Vaccinations Questionable:

1.      WHO recommends most of the pharmaceutical companies that are producing this vaccine, to be given in two doses, which never happens. If the WHO’s recommendations are followed, those who follow them, will end up receiving three flu vaccinations: the seasonal one, and the first and second doses for the swine flu. That way, the possibility of secondary effects is multiplied by three, and these vaccines do have secondary effects.

2.      Coadjuvants– this is a substance that’s generally added to a flu vaccine to stimulate and excite the immune system to produce a higher immune system response in hopes the vaccine is more effective. The result could be the immune system response up to 10 times higher than a normal one. There have been known to have serious secondary effects with coadjuvants such as squalene that resulted in paralysis and arthritis.

One point to consider, when vaccines are being massed produced, in an effort to save money for the pharmaceutical companies, more adjuvants could be added in the place of antigens (which represent a higher cost, and limited supply). This would result in less natural immune system excitation and more artificial excitation to compensate for the lack of antigens.

3.      Because so many vaccines have had to be produced on such a large worldwide scale, in the US it’s official that pharmaceutical companies have been absolved of any legal responsibility for any side effects. Essentially they have political immunity and if that’s the case, it’s almost a guarantee that we’re going to see an avalanche of secondary reactions.           

 Thoughts on Possibility of Virus Mutations

1.      Swine Flu Virus has Not mutated in 70 years.

2.      If large amounts of people start to die after taking the vaccine then it’s even more important to refuse the vaccine for 2 reasons

a.      If this were the case then the virus would almost certainly have had to mutate, because in the past the mortality rate was very low. And while the chances of it mutating are extremely low if you use history as a benchmark, it always is a possibility.

b.      If it does mutate, then the vaccination will be outdated and of no use and not worth the risk of secondary reactions.

3.      And if the mortality rate remains low with a large number of the population Not taking the vaccination, then the risk of taking the vaccination will not be worth it in the first place.

 Final Thoughts

1.      Stay calm and take usual common sense precautions.

2.      Resist forced vaccinations at all costs. If this precedent is the norm, there’s no end to what they could make us do in the future.

3.      Put aside whatever thoughts you have about whether these vaccination will protect your against the swine flu, or are an elitists plot to control & cull the earth’s population and consider this:  So, as far as we know about the history of humanity, there have been groups who wanted to dominate the world. (Fact.. Romans, Incas, German, and every other known Empire) That is, an intention to fix a world that is chaotic, and difficult to control, so let us control it, whomever this “us” is, to help humanity. To actually make a world where there’s a minimum order. And for a long time it’s being said there there is overpopulation. What better way to improve the world’s carbon footprint and cure global warming than to remove 50% of everybody who is causing the problem? Human beings are the same with their extreme goodness. And these conspiracies will never be able to break this as it’s impossible to control the whole world. But there are those who would try, and I’m not amazed at the possibility that this has something to do with this kind of action.

4.      Change can happen overnight if the right amount of people take action.