Well, it looks like the hard drive died on the new computer. I could of got the lap top going for trading using a one of the monitors, but before I knew it, the week was over.

In the meanwhile, this week I got the opportunity to take on several projects to make $3K-$4K between now and the first of year. For the most part, I’ve resisted taking on extra work in 2009, but the money would come in handy and make me very valuable to an ongoing client I’ve been somewhat passive with lately. Between that and the holidays, I will likely have trouble with finding more than a day or two to trade here and there.

The reality is that when I’m honest with myself, given that my wife is no longer working and not even looking for employment – staying at home with our baby and toddler – I should probably put trading on the back burner for an extended period of time and utilize any free work hours to earn extra money by taking on additional grant writing projects. But before I make that decision, which would involve cutting off my data fees, screening subscription, back-up internet service and turbo fast internet connection (which I likely do not need anyway), and withdrawing my money from the prop account – before I make that major step I want to have a cooling off period.

So if by Christmas, if it doesn’t look like I’m going to have the energy and interest to trade, have not figured out the financial questions (risking money with trading versus earning guaranteed money through extra freelance work), and resolving some issues with my daily routine that would put me in the best mental condition to trade – then I’m going to shut things down to reduce my ongoing expenses, and commit to using the time to make some money the old fashioned way.

If that’s the route I go, I will pursue this dream of trading again, when the time is right in the future. However, I think I will put the blog on private after saying goodbye if that’s my decision, and open it back when I get serious about trading again.

Stay tuned…talk to you in 2010. Good luck with your efforts and thanks for your support.