Looks like the market blood bath took quite a bit of the paper profits made in the last weeks. I’d be proud with my position, but it betrays my lack of participation. I traded GOOG just so that I would be listed as ~0% gain. But my position does not matter. Basically, whichever one of you manages to protect and/or grow your money the best will receive a copy of Liar’s Poker in the mail*! I received a complimentary copy of a book called The Losing Game in the mail just this week and will be raffling it off to one of you as well (completely random, so any of you could win).

The contest finishes next week. Good luck!

*You will have to give me your address or a PO Box. I know, privacy. But don’t worry. I won’t be delivering it to your home personally, and I have no history of stalking people.

As for those of you who would want me to show up with the prize and feel somewhat disappointed, let me assure you that it would be nothing like the Publishing Clearing House give-a-ways. It’d be terribly anticlimatic.