I live in California, and, while others across the country are interested in the ban on gay marriage amendment in California, I have voted on the proposition and have been following it on and off over the last few hours here. I voted against the addition to the CA constitution. I do not feel that allowing two gay men or women to marry infringes on anyone’s rights. However, I do think that not allowing gay marriage fosters feelings of invalidation in certain people.

Also, I am probably a little hostile towards a certain portion of Christians, a portion who may find gay marriage extremely aggravating. I love all (to my knowledge) of the Christians who come here and know many extremely pleasant Christians (my grandparents, mother, quite a few acquaintances) and do not intend to direct any anger or hostility towards you.

I am feeling as though this post will lead to the end of the election crap on this site. I have some feelings of good riddance.

Based on the futures, it looks like tomorrow will be a slightly positive day. Though, I would not be surprised if the market exhibited signs of uncertainty. We now have a Democrat as President–and likely what many may consider a sharp turn from the previous administration (personally, I am not sure if we will experience as much “change” as the candidate proposes and the country hopes for). On the other hand, I would not be surprised if the markets already factored into the price a good portion of the election results. I mean, the outcome wasn’t a complete mystery.

More, hopefully, tomorrow.

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