Added some cash to my account a couple days ago and made some purchases/day trades today. Bought EGLE at 9.09 and 8.92 this morning and sold it all at 9.75 later in the day making about 8.3% (looking to buy back in on Monday or Tuesday). I bought some SOL at 7.24 and 7.04 in order to bring my average down (looking to buy some more at 6.63 and 6.33 and lower should it continue sliding). Bought a little bit of MSFT at 21.36 and some GS at 75.99 (looking to sell around 80 or higher, but may cut it short around 77 depending on Monday. If it gaps down I’ll buy some more). Also bought some FXP at 81.50 after reading this schmuck’s website. Yeah, the Fly has his amazing moments, but sometimes he acts like too much of a jerk off for my taste.

If you are interested in a helpful and insightful technical site, check out The Market Speculator. His posts are cogent, lucid, and definitely not egregious (forgive the subtle reference).

Good luck to all of you.