Interesting, absolute nothing has happened for eur-usd since, while usd-yen sells it´s very big bear wedge down. Whatever it is we ended up there, it´s something big in ew terms, might try to implement this later to my main ew chart, at so far it´s not clear for me what it is in 15 minute chart, but w-x-y-z-x as minute timeframe came first to my mind. Market still hold this 50% bottom from today, but I would not guarantee it´s going to hold another test.

With deep apologies from my other readers I also need to mention that you 2 logging in to this blog several times per day from Helsinki, please leave. Based what I´ve read from domestic equity channel which address you certainly know – I think it would serve you much better your kind of attitudes. There´s absolute nothing for you in this site not now or never, let me put this clear enough for you; get a hell out of here, forever please.