New day, european morning.

This chart came far more quickly as I thought it would and is only addtional detail for my previous posted chart.

If Alt c/4 would be right count, it could ran its cource in previous chart mentioned 50% (1.3360) levels (allmost 1,335), which is not really far, it appears to looks kind of weird impulse, BUT mainpoint is that this HS pattern is ready now. We have bears ahead and I would expect pretty big W5 impulse down (mentioned in last post chart as well).

It seems for me buyers are going to disapper from this market before Eastern. In the world of alternate alternates, that impulse looks so weird for me that I keep in my mind the possibility that it was A wave impulse and B would follow down. Which would mean one more C upwave (1.3360), but that 1.335 top determines top now and how this downside movement will be retraced.

Shorted it.