Several people have emailed me wondering what happened to the blog of Fear and Greed Day Trader. If you go to his site, you will be denied access unless you are an “invited reader”.

By the way, my “Fusing Two Momentum Approaches” post where I write about some of the best elements of FGDT’s strategy gets a lot of hits on this blog according to StatCounter.

I don’t know why the blog went behind the curtain. It was kinda of abrupt. I had only been following him for a month but I didn’t see any signs in his recent posts and he always seemed Jedi like in his orientation to both the world and trading. I think some of the successful and popular traders (not me!) get hate mail or negative comments – but he seemed like the type to brush that off just like he would with a stock moving against him. If he was going to a pay subscription model, you would think he would want to advertise to his readers how to sign up.

If anyone knows the story or how to become an invited reader, please let us know?

On another note, I read that StockTwits is going to be charging $20 a month for access. I follow about eight traders through their tweets. I find it helpful for signals for overall market reversal and continuation not for particular stock alerts. When several of the traders are saying the market is looking weak, and when I look at the chart and see the same thing – then I really think twice about entering longs, for example. I’m not sure how StockTwits is going to manage who pays and who doesn’t – I actually follow these traders using Twitter and never go to the StockTwits website. I imagine the most popular traders will become official StockTweeters and will be put behind the pay wall.

Lesson: Never become too dependent on any one external source for information or support – as that source may disappear or become too expensive to access at some point!