Fed to meet the press?


So Ben has to resort to being a market cheerleader to try and sustain the current rally? Really, weekly, bi-weekly, what’s it going to be? It’s bad enough that we have to listen to these guys 10 times a year let along the possibility of every week. I can’t even trade properly on the days of Fed meetings because of the sheer about of tomfollery that goes on those days. In the article it goes on to say

U.S. Federal Reserve is considering holding regular press conferences, a move that would mark a significant step toward increased openness for the central bank.

If they were truely being open maybe we should audit the Fed or bring back the M2 money supply figures.These guys are taking this to new heights. Just the other day I was saying that the Fed is out of tricks and here I am having to eat my words. Who does Bernanke think he is, Tom Cruise, that he needs to have a press conference. This reeks of more market manipulation and propaganda at it’s finest should this turn out to be true.